About Us

Story about Lebanese Kitchen

The Lebanese Kitchen has been family owned and operated since 2009. We aim to provide Saskatoon with authentic Lebanese cuisine. Prepared using the freshest ingredients and utmost care, we serve a simple, yet diverse menu with a variety of foods that cater to vegetarians, meat lovers, and those who are gluten intolerant. Our menu ranges from the famous Chicken Shawarma and Falafel sandwiches to freshly made tabouli salad and hummus dip. There is something to please every palate!
The Lebanese Kitchen can be found at two locations in Saskatoon; 1005 Broadway Avenue and 1025 Boychuk Drive. While mainly a takeout and delivery venue, we do have dine in options available. We also have experience catering for a variety of sizes from small group gathering to larger business venues. Give us a call to learn more!.